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New Zealand: Home Sweet Home

Home is where the heart is, and anything else is home-town. That s just the way the world works. Feeling at home in Vancouver or in Bangalore or Taipei (if you’re not native) is just a way of stating that somewhere along the way, the home-townness of these locations has dwindled because you first arrived. … Read more

What Does a Southern African Home Mean?

A home, or domiciled, is usually a small space used for an adult, family or other group as a semi-permanent or permanent residence for an individual. It is typically a fully sheltered or partially sheltered living space and may have both exterior and interior elements to it. Home prices are based on the square footage, … Read more

What Does a Home Mean to You?

A home, or domicilium, is usually a room used as a non-living or partial abode for an adult, family or group of people. It’s either a fully enclosed or partially insulated room and may have both exterior and interior aspects to it. Typically homes consist of a living room (dining room on some older properties), … Read more

Where Do You Go Home To?

Often people use the words home and property interchangeably meaning they mean exactly the same thing. In reality they both mean quite different things, but in many different ways. When you tell somebody that it’s their home, you generally mean just the actual structure; while when you say home, generally you’re referring to the location … Read more